Habla Spanish Institute was established in 2010. We provide Spanish language classes for all ages and levels.

spanish teachers in wexford
Our team of Wexford teachers

“Our philosophy is to teach students of all ages about Spanish language and culture in a practical, fun and relaxed environment.”

Lolo Lázaro, Director


¡Hola! My name is Lolo Lázaro. I am a qualified Spanish teacher who opened The Spanish Centre – Language School in Wexford in 2010. Thanks to the enthusiasm and support of our students, we have grown into a family of 4 teachers and started offering courses in Spain in 2016.
We are now called Habla Spanish Institute. In our school we all are passionate about Spanish language and culture. Our team of teachers: Lolo, María, Marta and Inma are delighted to teach students at our school in Wexford town and to be able to bring students to Spain for a Spanish Language Holidays.
We focus our teaching style on conversational skills in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, with YOU at the centre of every class.


We want you to be relaxed and have fun our classes, encouraging you to talk from day one. You will have a lot of time to practice conversation during class and practice what you learn while chatting, playing games or creating projects.
We use a variety of learning resources so you will always be active and entertained in class: watching videos, playing games, acting a role plays, listening to audios and more.
Our Wexford (Ireland) based language school runs Group Courses from September to June for groups of adults and children. If you prefer to learn Spanish with the locals and immerse yourself in the culture and the language, you can join our Spanish Language Holidays in Cáceres and Málaga.



    Lolo Lázaro


    Lolo is a Spanish native living in Ireland for the past 12 years. He manages the Spanish Centre and teaches Spanish to adults, companies and exam preparation classes such as Leaving Cert or DELE. He has been teaching English and Spanish since he was teenager. He is a fully qualified ELE teacher (Spanish a Second Language) and an official examiner.
    His goal is to transmit his passion for Spanish culture and language to his students, to motivate them from the start. His motto is to get students talking about the things they care about and help them learn in a calm friendly way.

        Marta Oñate


        Marta is from Ronda (Málaga) but she has been living in many different places in the last 10 years, including Barcelona, Lausanne (Switzerland), Edinburgh, Lancaster and now Wexford. She is qualified teacher for secondary school and recently awarded as Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy by Lancaster University (UK) where she has been working during the last 2 years.
        She is passionate about teaching at all levels, from children to adults, from formal education to outreach. Based on her own experience learning different languages (she speaks English, Portuguese and Catalan besides Spanish) she empathises with her students trying to transform the difficulties in fun to make the journey of learning Spanish a great experience.

            María Alegrete


            Maria is a primary school teacher with more than 15 years of work experience in several schools in Spain. Since she moved to Wexford, 4 years ago, she has been teaching Spanish to different groups of students from 4 to 16 years of age.
            She is an enthusiastic and dedicated educator with a caring love for children and their development.

                Inma Mendoza


                Inma lives in Barcelona, Spain. She graduated in Spanish & German languages in Universidad de Salamanca and did her Postgrad studies in Alcala de Henares University. She has over 10 years experience teaching Spanish, German and Portuguese in public and private schools. She’s passionate about teaching foreign languages, especially Spanish as she has the opportunity to share not only the diversity and richness of the language but also her culture. Together with Lolo they develop and facilitate the Spanish Immersion courses in Spain.